Monday, July 2, 2012

The Past Week / To Do List

The past week was one of those which you come to the end of and have no idea what you did. So I've reviewed the past week in pictures:

The Bread Maker Cinnamon Bun recipe... not a complete success. Problem one: they never got brown like I wanted them to (the brown in the picture is the burnt sugar from the bottom of the pan). Problem two: the spirals didn't stick together, thus allowing raisins and buttery deliciousness to escape. Problem three: my sweety didn't have any cinnamon (WHAT??). Problem four: they tasted like sweet pretzels. No joke.

I spent WAY too much time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) because of patch 1.3... augments anyone? If you reply, I will make you any purple synthweaving augment for free! (As if someone will). Here is a picture of a brief cat intervention - Sigmund is a little concerned that I'm playing rather than feeding her. 

And of course, the Color Swatch quilt. If you look really closely at the edges you can see the color gray I'm using as the backing. It is finally basted and in the painfully slow process of being quilted. After sewing the short rows last night (not pictured), I am seriously considering moving my entire sewing setup to the sweety's place... I simply don't have the room on my 3x5 table (which also has a monitor, keyboard, and cutting mat on it) to quilt a full size quilt! Tomorrow, a picture of the folding, bunching and otherwise completely fruitless attempts of organizing the straight-line quilting. 

I also promised myself I would list my To Do list so that I would force myself to be accountable for sewing/craft related projects.
    1. Finish the Color Swatch Quilt
    2. Finish the Ipad Case/Pattern Review (you may be surprised by my feedback)
      1. Purchase elastic
    3. Start a Box Pouch (from The Plaid Scotty's Tutorial)
    4. July 15th- My first QAL - 100 Quilts for Kids QAL (Click the link below for information about 100 Quilts for Kids from Swim, Bike, Quilt)
That's it for now!


Check it out - a great opportunity to help your community!

Swim, Bike, Quilt

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