Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Singer Inspiration vs Reality

Last night I felt  like this:

so rather than continue quilting, I did nothing. So I wanted to regale you all with the tale of my dreaded Singer Inpsiration.

Yes, it's cute. It's cheap. It is also the BANE OF MY SEWING EXISTENCE. 

I bought it 3 years ago at Jo-Anns to assist with costuming a play. It was cute, had little features like a self threading needle, buttonhole options, and came with several feet. Mostly, though, it was cheap! Every time I sewed with it though, I had this awful snarl on the back (reminiscent to an extreme tension issue). As it turns out, a piece of plastic that holds the bobbin holder (plastic) into the bobbin spinny motor thing (metal) had broken off. No sweat. I ordered a whole new bobbin holder. By the time the bobbin holder came, I had finished the costumes (by hand) and moved on. I didn't really struggle with it - I inherited my mother's Husqvarna Computer (circa 1990's) very soon there after.

And now I've picked up quilting. And what does this bad boy come with? A FMQ foot. 

I pulled him out this weekend (anything with "computer" in its name is automatically a "he" to me) and looked to see if I could make it work; I had high hopes of starting to give small FMQ projects a try. But first, I attempted a straight line.

Fabulous. Simply gorgeous. So...this is the back side of the fabric. In order to trouble shoot it, I had a different bobbin and top thread. Top thread was black. Do you see any purple in there at all? Because I didn't. 

After a few minutes of this, I opened up the bobbin case in the hopes I could beat the machine into submission. Guess what I found! I'll give you a hint-it looks like this - 

It's the shark fin shaped piece of plastic that broke of the the first time that I replaced! Broken off again. And that's it. I'm done. Despite the fact that I can't find a FMQ foot for my Husqvarna, I am giving up on this machine. It has never worked, even right out of the box!

Do you guys have any thoughts? Is it worth tryinig to fix? Has anyone had this type of problem before??

Or... does anyone know where I can get a pretty old Husqvarna computer FMQ foot?

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