Friday, March 15, 2013

Where have I been? Awesome, that's where

Alright, so I totally stopped posting during the frenzy of completing the Christmas Quilt of Doom for my mom (also known as the Mod Pop Quilt) and than I got a little distracted - I bought a HOUSE! I'm a real person now!

So a quick summary of the last few months in pictures-

WIP Mod Pop Quilt - Top Done
Mod Pop Quilt Top - finished with only a week before Christmas!!

Finish: Mod Pop Quilt
Completely finished/quilted and in place on my moms bed. I had no idea she had those cushions, but aren't they perfect! I'm so proud of this one, even if there were some minor (major) mishaps on the way. you can see some of the quilting in the most near blocks!

Finish: PLPS 6 Swap - Sent with Goodies!
Package I sent in Pretty Little Pouch Swap 6 - I much prefer my extra little mug rug to my pouch - funny how that works out huh?

Package I received in the PLPS - HOW CUTE IS THIS POUCH?? The back is the best part - it has a little tiny adorable BEE!!

And... I bought this house!!! This is the day we inspected it, so no snow now! Expect many many house related projects to come!!

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